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Want to know who will be our next president? Just ask Hollywood's David Geffen a now 72 year old show biz wiz who was/is a long time talent manager for numerous stars like Cher, Jackson Browne, The Eagles and pop stars of today as well as actors including the likes of Tom Hanks. Geffen is involved with more than 25% of what you hear musically; see on television and in the movies nowadays. Geffen has turned his business from being an agent, to record producer, to movie and Broadway producer/director, even art dealer and into a modern day billionaire movie mogul who has most of Hollywood in his pocket.

Mr. Geffen has been a busy, busy boy since the mid 60's starting his career in Brooklyn then arbitrating deals with eventually everyone in show biz to accumulate his amassed fortune. He owns a big chunk of what I'd rather call 'Hellywood' and even owns the Jack Warner (Of Warner Brothers Studios) 37 Million Dollar Mansion. Geffen, who is single and openly gay, is reportedly worth a whopping 6.9 BILLION dollars! He has been the world's most 'influential' person who has been 'shaping' the American culture for over 40 years.

In the early 80's Mr. Geffen started lobbing in Washington for aids and 'gay rights' and has literally courted members of congress, the senate and even supreme court justices who would listen to his pleas for equality and marriage for what he dubbed the 'gay community'.

He backed Bill Clinton's presidential campaign with a donation of 50 million dollars to help see Mr. Clinton become president in hopes that Mr. Clinton would pass Mr. Geffen's agenda posed for the then newly termed 'gay community'. Mr. Geffen wanted Slick Willie to push forward on 'gay rights' issues and later, in his 2nd term, when Bill came up with the militarily aimed "Don't ask, don't tell" policy it wasn't enough. Mr. Geffen was furious, calling both Clintons, "...the worst liars that have ever been in the White House". Really, Mr. Geffen? What LIE did Geffen refer to? (SHhhuu, don't ask, don't tell!)

Moving forward to when Hillary decided to 'run' the first failed time, Geffen remembered the snub from Bill and when asked to 'back' Hillary Geffen didn't answer the Clinton's call. Geffen told the press, "Hillary is very ambitious ... but, ambition alone is not a good enough qualification for the presidency!" Geffen backed Barack Obama instead who seemingly came out of nowhere to win.

Then, when 'civil union' was bounced around it wasn't satisfying either for Mr. Geffen. So, he then gives 500 million dollars to Obama's 2nd term "campaign funds" with a definite design to have the gay marriage agenda fulfilled! Suddenly, on Obama's 2nd term, there are two new Supreme Court Justices appointed by Obama who are ... gay! Go figure. (The dictionary defines justice as, "... conformity to moral principals or law.") Very queer indeed!

After the 'not so supreme' courts immoral decision to pass gay marriage without a single vote from any citizen Mr. Obama sends it through congress practically unopposed. No wonder Newsweek Magazine's Cover (May 21, 2012 Issue) had the 2nd term Obama designated as, "The first 'GAY' President".

Now that I've tried to convinced you that my intentions are honorable I will unleash my most devious nature and do some mudslinging of my own before THEY (All the 'good candidates') start in. Ready? Fasten your seat-belts, we're in for a bumpy ride.

'HILLBILLARY ROTTENHAM CLINTON' ... (I used the real last name because I deemed its reputation already tainted enough), ... what a piece! What can one say about her that would sum up her total worth in about 3 words? How about ... BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI! Yes how she dealt with Benghazi, both at the time and afterward sums up why she can't be president. She'll put LIVES in danger. She's done worse, she caused lives to be lost. People were killed, people died because of her and by her lack of action! Then, when questioned about her actions, or really her lack of action, she folded like a cheap lawn chair and when summonsed by a congressional committee on matters of national security she gets sick, has to be hospitalized and literally runs for months from the 'problem'. Innocent people don't run! That will be the only semi-successful running she'll ever do no matter how much in 'contributions' this power hungry woman gets! She managed to avoid it all until she figured it would just all go away. But it's never going to go away Hillary ... never! Hillary can really 'get out' there though, smile, nod her head yes and act like a president but, we don't need someone who can act like a president, we someone who can BE a president!

When it comes to our Commander in Chief I want a 'Jack Nicholson' in there because, 'as grotesque as his outwardly appearance might be, and as we sleep save and warm and safe in our beds at night, it's because we need him on that wall, we want him on that wall!' And all of us don't need to know, or should even have the right to know, the hard line tactics that goes on with terrorists or people who are NOT citizens of this country who sneak in and mean to do harm! Let's reserve those rights we've honored for United States Citizens AND ALL THE PEOPLE WANTING TO BE. To these people who get in the U.S. illegally intending to do wrong, no rights should exist. Our constitutional RIGHTS are for American citizens, period! AND, I'll admit, Donald Trump needs to get this right!

Our biggest problem with this so called 'politically correct' society is that no one wants to be accountable. No one wants to take responsibility. Like Hillbillary, (Which is a mixture of both Hillary and Bill and denoting where they CAME from) - Hillary, who runs from problems, to Bill who creates them! We need another Teddy Roosevelt in the White House who will go in with both guns blazing and get er done! And another thing, there's about an ounce of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. We all really want the same thing, PEACE & PROSPERITY.

If you know your history, Negroes were voting in 1870 as Republicans due to their loyalty to good ol' Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. When Franklin D. Roosevelt switched, from being Republican to running for the Democratic Party, the black vote went with the switch and has been voting as Democrats ever since! Hopefully, as I witnessed Hillbillary this last October of 2015 trying to be a 'sista' in one of Chicago's Black Churches, the looks on those faces behind hillary's smiling yes nodding head told me black people aren't buying what she's selling! GOOD! The 'Clinton issues'? (Pick both if you will) They're no good for this country ... no more than anyone else who can be BOUGHT!

HEED, DAVID GEFFEN, YOUR TIME IS COMING! There IS a GOD, ... and HE is watching!

We 'NEED' to get our morality back. We need honesty, ... in everybody. We need to go after corruption in those HIGH places and bring 'em DOWN! We need to get back to being that ... "... one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all." (BTW, ALL means for all 'AMERICANIZED' people who are and want to be citizens of this once great country)

Reflect on when 'Flashing Willie' was president ... who will be the next paid off intern to be paid with our tax money to shut up about Billy's exploits? Who'll be the next Monica Lewinsky if Billy were to get back in the White House? Yes, billy, it was good to be king, wasn't it? Did you even so much as thank Mr. Geffen? (Yeah, they've kissed and 'made up' for Geffen said that he will back Hillary)

Speaking about billy boy, Remember when George Sr. was President? He was director of the CIA before that and I believe he had a lot more knowledge of what was going on in this world than most of our dear and loyal citizens. President Bush was doing things to get Saddam Hussein out of power in Iraq because Saddam was ... KILLING PEOPLE! That mad man was poisoning Kurdish people in what he probably considered 'ethnic cleansing' and Saddam was being backed by Iran when he started lobbing bombs called Scud missiles into Israel. (BTW those scuds WERE weapons of mass destruction! Can you imagine if those scuds were armed with poisoned gas or a nuclear device?)

At that time a certain Osama Bin Laden was on the U.S.'s side and was given arms by Bush from the U.S. to help fight for the Kurds! But, when Bill Clinton took office he kinda just suspended the efforts and stopped support to, not only the Kurds but also to Bin Laden. Why did President Clinton do that? Because of "popular opinion"! The 'peaceniks' who voted for him cried for Billy to end things 'over there' and bring our boys home. Then, when news of the 'ties' between Bin Laden and the U.S. got out Billy, in the middle of a White House scandal leading to his own congressional committee, went after Bin Laden by haphazardly shooting off missiles here 'n there hitting civilian targets! Bin Laden's men later retaliated by killing U.S. soldiers in an attack on a foreign U. S. barracks and more servicemen lost their lives in an attack when terrorists managed to bomb the U.S. Cole naval ship!

Meanwhile back in 'Hellywood' movie moguls came out with a movie called, 'Wag, The Dog', remember? A movie about a President who got into trouble while in office and starts a war to 'take the heat off' of himself! I hope they all had a good laugh about it. I don't think it was so funny though, do you? Because the next turn of events that happens in Billy's personal war with Osama is that Bin Laden plots more revenge and helps to plan the worst attack on American soil in history, the destruction of the World Trade Towers in New York City in September of 2001! That happened to fall in George Jr.'s lap. (Sorry Trump, you blamed the wrong man) So, don't feel so bad about Benghazi Mrs. Clinton, your husband is responsible for the deaths of a lot more people than you!

In later years, in an interview talking about 9/11 with Chris Wallace, Bill Clinton was asked if he'd take any responsibility for those events after his term in office. Mr. Clinton pointed a stern shaking finger in Wallace's face and in a threatening manner told Wallace, "Don't you, or anybody else, ever try and link me, or blame me for that (The Twin Tower attacks) again or I'll take you and everybody else to court!" Responsibility? Accountability? The Clintons AIN'T got it. (But the 'Clinton era' parties were nice Mr. Geffen, Say "Hi" to 'Babs' for me!)

But wait! There's more! AND ... we got more, More, MORE ... on Mr. David Geffen. ... In 2012 Mr. Geffen helped put out a PBS special about ... ... ... HIMSELF! "Inventing David Geffen". The posed documentary told about his struggles in Brooklyn, how he wanted so desperately to get out of there and the measures he took to 'reinvent' himself. The film weaved around his life's story which even brought out the homosexual 'tendencies' he had trouble 'understanding' as a young man. So, how did he get to where he is today, a blu-cu billionaire? Besides his 'gift' of being a slick talker, this man forged documents, falsified diplomas, lied and connived to 'get ahead' and did no telling what else to be where and into whatever he wanted. Geffen even admits all this in his film! What a great God fearing individual of moral character - NOT! He's just like one of those criminals who brags about his crimes. (Which brings to mind the case of that guy back some years ago who claimed he was a Rockefeller, then marries a fairly wealthy New York woman and has a child with her. Then the guy wants to divorce his 'meal-ticket' wife for alimony and get custody of the little girl. When he is not awarded custody, only visitation, he kidnaps the daughter. That puts the FBI on him and they find he has been living multiple lives, with different jobs that he forged documents to get, which were never checked because the guy was a slick talker, and that he originally started from California where he murdered 3 people who were his lady landlord, her son and his wife!)

A very interesting blog was ONCE under that online film of Mr. Geffen's but, as soon as I went to retrieve it a day later, it was gone! The blog was by a woman claiming to have worked with Geffen and a few other producer/director/advisers on the film "Lucas" and states that Geffen's PBS special came out too close to the time that Corey Feldman's 1st book on the subject of pedophilia in Hollywood came out! She stated that the reason Geffen came out with the film was because he wanted defense and his side of the 'truth' to come out about his being gay and all he's done for the 'movement'!

Maybe that's Hillary's ploy - to act 'gay' like she's a lesbian. Hillary certainly sounded pretty butch when Billy was in trouble with Monica Lewinsky and said to the press, "I'm not some dumb little hillbilly woman that's just going to stand by her man." In the words of David Spade's character Russell Dunbar in 'Rules Of Engagement', even he would have to say, "Yeah, Hillary, ya KINDA are!" Hillary HAS to 'stand by her man' because if she didn't she'd miss out on all the prestige and contacts with powerful people she so desperately wants to be! Divorce Bill? Never!

Meanwhile, back at the farm, we find Timmy struggling with the whereabouts of Lassie when, ... ... ... If you'll notice late in Mr. Geffen's film, "Inventing David Geffen" as he is making an announcement at a podium and suddenly he looks startled at people applauding him and then duly notes his acceptance and adulation as cheering support for what he NOW announces as his "main" goal in life, support and funding for 'same sex marriage! (Wonder what he meant by funding?)

One thing Mr. Geffen has, and that one thing he has was great enough to get him to the top. The very top ... ("I'm on top of the world Ma!") ... And that one thing was, and is, his tongue. No more marvelous tool in the world than that! My dad who was hard of hearing always told me to speak up. He'd cuss most of the time when I'd try talking because I always had a soft voice. David Geffen never had a problem with that. He was always a very gifted 'talker'. A talent most beneficial. Such a talent and developed skill you'd think had to have come from.........?

No, one would not think other than Mr. Geffen's talents coming from God. I do believe rather the other one who wants to use him but, I will declare his gift of gab a talent, an extraordinary talent. And what a wonderful gift he has to use . . . . . . . . . IF HE WOULD USE IT FOR GOD!

Still, David Geffen indeed has done so much for people. There's no denying. He's contributed, and still does contribute, millions to cancer research and I'm sure more than a few other meaningful charities. But have concerns about his ethics, his morals and his unscrupulous nature in doing what he has done and can do. Remember, The Bible tells us even the devil can pose as an Angel of light! Funny, most people in 'Hellywood' already see him as some kind of a savior. He rubs elbows with the 'best', Rob Reiner, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and the list goes on. Yes, Mr. Geffen is surely an icon and a pillar of 'society'. BUT, he's no Walt Disney, (Read 'The Book' geffen, GOD wins in the end) Mr. Geffen has reshaped the very fabric of our 'culture' and how we look at issues of 'Modern Family' and LIFE and he's busy rearranging all the scenery. Hopefully, I am not the only one wondering ... "Has Mr. Geffen done all that he has done by using the devil? Or ... is the devil using him?" I doubt that even he knows!

Anyway, now that I've managed to insult the filthy rich, (And I sincerely mean filthy) the 'homosexual community', that dearly dumb democratic hopeful and her immoral husband, I hope you'll take notes on who you will be voting for. Hopefully, if the pen is mightier than the sword and my message here gets to more people than David Geffen's money, we might take a good hard look at these media darlings and see through them enough to vote for what is right and MEANINGFUL. Go on and vote but, please, please KNOW something about WHY you're voting and what you're voting for! Let THE LIGHT shine. Don' be left in the dark. Don't leave things to chance or 'luck'. No wonder why Edward R. Murrow, the great newscaster, always said ... "Good night, and good luck!"

(Please copy, print & send as many copies you can - to all you can!)

To address your concerns I am required to venture into a most explosive subject and it has to do with why it is a full outright sin to lust on another person and be just as guilty of fully having sex with them. Soul ties are developed when you ever decide a certain type of gal is YOUR TYPE or your able to get off on such gals that have that extra appeal. Ever wonder why they have that something extra? They have been collecting THIS LUST ABILITY from everyone that IS WRONGFULLY GIVING IT TO THEM!!! We are all commanded NOT TO GIVE OUR STRENGTHENS TO STRANGE WOMEN. So knowing nothing about someone but JESUS and Him crucified is A COMPLETE freeing up from all this status quo of false worth. These extreme lovers of themselves will push a most overwhelming emotional invasion that you basically have no choice but to suffer a brief attack THAT MUST BE REBUKED BY A GREATER TRUE LOVE FROM GOD," NEWS FLASH" GOD IS NOT THE SOURCE THAT THESE INVASIVE LOVERS OF THEMSELVES ATTEMPT TO DOMINATE EVERYONE WITH. Nice feelings can be 100 percent evil. Satan can appear as a angel of light as can these pushy self lovers are experts at deceiving such as B. C. and H.rodham C. are. Watching first time interactions with these type of people on newly introduced people is a very revealing lesson.GOD DOES NOT WANT US IGNORANT OF SATANS DEVICES. So all people who claim to have some kind of TROPHY WIFE are very much wanting evil lusts given to her so as to UP the weirdness they claim is normal for themselves. Walking the straight and narrow will expose the wide crazy life of leaders that ARE GOING TO ATTACK EVERY ONE THEY ARE OVER WITH THE PERVERSIONS THEY TWISTEDLY ENJOY IN THERE OWN SELVES. We are commanded to Bless those that curse us THAT WE WILL RECEIVE their forsaken blessings. So to all that reject this exhortation. I Bless you and claim a release of all the properness that God says is really right and normal.
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